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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pay for swimming if I am a caregiver to someone with special needs? No, accessibility caregivers are not charged to accompany their clients/family members to a program.

Are there wheelchairs available for use?  Yes, if you require the use of a wheelchair, please visit the customer service desk and ask a customer service representative.  Water wheelchairs are also available for use for the pool.

Is there an elevator to get to the 2nd floor?  There are three elevators located in the Centre. One is located in front of the customer service desk at the east entrance, one located just inside the west entrance and one located inside the CAA Arena (on the first, second and third floors).

Is the facility accessible?  Considerable thought and attention went into making the Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre accessible for all. Visit the link for additional details on the accessible features within the Centre.


Can I be in the pool area with street clothes on? Health Regulation 365 states that all people on the deck must be dressed in bathing attire.

If I register for swimming lessons, can I attend a different class throughout the week, if I cannot make it to the class? No, unfortunately, kids cannot come to other group classes than what they have registered for.  We have to maintain ratios in the water for safety and it is very difficult on the instructor and the students to have different children in their class. Also, the instructors continuously evaluate the swimmers for each lesson.

How do I know what level of swimming lesson that my child needs to be in? There are three ways in which you can inquire.

1. Our Community Culture and Recreation Guide offers a description of the requirements of each level and includes what they will learn upon successful completion.

2. Have your child attend a Public Swim at the very beginning of the scheduled time and have a quick swim test for assessment by a lifeguard. They will then recommend a level.

3. Check your child’s previous report card that will indicate if there was a successful pass and please refer to guide for the next level that follows.

Can I purchase swim diapers if I have forgotten mine? Yes, the Customer Service Desk carries a small supply of diapers in size small, medium and large for $2.50 each


Is there a machine on-site?  An ATM machine is located at the west entrance in addition to two machines in the CAA Arena (when programs and events are going on)

Belleville’s 50+ Centre

How old is a Senior? – 50+

What is a 50+ Centre Membership?  This membership is an annual membership that can be purchased for $5.00 and gives older adults 50+ access to the Belleville’s 50+ Centre for $5.00 for one year. A variety of activities are hosted out of the Centre. To learn more about the programs offered at the 50+ Centre, click here. 

Bus Route

Is there a bus route directly to the QSWC? Yes. Route #3. See Transit route information.

Day Camp & PA Days

What are Day Camp & PA Day Camp Ratios? 4-5 year olds are 1:8, 6-8 is 1:10, and 9+ is 1:12.

What qualifications do Day Camp Staff and PA Day Camp staff hold? The City of Belleville only hires the most experienced and qualified staff for all of their Day Camp Programs. Supervision by both a full-time Program Supervisor and a Day Camp Coordinator, every camp group has Senior and Junior Leaders. All staff are certified in Standard First Aid and CPR’C’. Staff participates in training sessions. Most senior leaders are studying and/or graduate in the fields of: Child & Youth Worker, Social Service Workers, Early Childhood Education, and Teachers. All staff are individuals with extensive experience working with children. The City of Belleville is also proud to be a “High Five” registered organization that teaches “Principles of Healthy Child Development” to its staff.

Dressing Rooms

How will I know what arena I am playing in?  TV screens are located outside of the arenas and throughout the facility and include the group and arena location.

Workout Studio

What qualifications do staff in the Workout Studio hold? Staff is Certified Personal Trainers with various backgrounds and experiences in the fitness industry.

How old do I need to be to use the Workout Studio?  18 years – However, those 13-17, may use it with the supervision of an adult or participate in 2 – 30-minute orientation sessions ($3.00 per session) to be able to use it without a guardian.

What are the hours of the Workout Studio? For hours of operation, click here

Food Services

Who is running the canteen and what are they selling? The Courtyard Cafe is operated by the Vineyard Grill and carries a variety of foods, including healthy snack options.  The CAA Arena is operated by the Belleville Senators through Spectra Food Services.

Gift Certificates

Do we sell gift certificates? Gift Certificates are available at the Customer Service Desk and can be purchased in any amount and paid for by cash, debit, credit and cheque. Gift Certificates make a great gift any time of year.


Is the gymnasium available anytime for use?  The gymnasium is used for programs, rentals and for special events. Open gym time is available throughout the week for $3.00 per visit or purchase multi-packs and save. Click here for fees. Participants under 10 must be accompanied by a participating adult.

Hours & Location

What are the facility hours? Click here. 

Family Dental Centre Indoor Walking/Running Track

Can I use a walker/cane on the track?  Yes, walking aides are allowed.

Are children allowed to go on the track? Children must be 13 and over to use the walking tracking without a parent/guardian. Children under 13 are most welcome on the track when they are with their parent/guardian.


Can I rent a locker? Due to the large volume of users in the facility and the large turn-around of users throughout the day, the lockers are for Day-Use only. We do have locks for sale at the Customer Service Desk.

Lost and Found

Where is the lost and found? If an item is turned in, it is placed in the Lost and Found bin located in the customer service area. Valuables are kept at the Customer Service Desk. Items are kept for approximately three weeks and then donated. Valuables are kept for 6 months and then are sent to Belleville City Police. Please inquire at the customer service desk if you have lost an item.

Parking on Belleville Senators’ Game Days

Click here for information on parking during Belleville Senators’ Game Days


Can I just drop into a program any time I want to? Drop-in classes are not available for all programs. Drop-ins are available only if space permits and are on a first-come-first-served basis. Please call ahead at 613-966-4632.

Recreational Skating

What device am I allowed to use on the ice to help my child skate during public skating? The City of Belleville follows the Ontario Recreation Facilities “Public Skating Guidelines” – no aids are permitted for use during Public Skating.  During Family Skate times, skating aids will be permitted. Please refer to the skating schedule for additional information on skating aids.


How do I register for a program? You can register 3 ways. By phone, online, in person. For further information on how to register, refer to the Community Culture & Recreation Guide.

How can I pay for a program registration fee? How can I pay for a program registration fee? You can pay by cash, cheque, debit or credit card. The City of Belleville also offers a Fee Assistance Program. For further details see registration information.


Can our group rent the gym? We have a variety of meeting rooms and spaces available for groups to rent. For further details visit the bookings page

Program Changes

Why does the swim/gym schedule change frequently? Due to holidays, special events, program changes will occur. Please check with our Customer Service staff for the most up to date information or visit the website and stay connected with social media.

The Locker Room (Pro Shop)

Can I get my skates sharpened here? The Locker Room is owned and operated by the Belleville Senators and provides skate sharpening services and carries a variety of Belleville Senators sports-related merchandise. iFor additional information or contacts, visit Belleville Senators


Is there a public telephone available?  A Bell payphone is located at the west entrance, just outside of the Wally Dever and CAA Arena.

Vending Machine

Are there any vending machines?  Vending machines are located at both the east and west entrances on the main floor.

Wellness Passport

What is a Wellness Passport?  A Wellness Passport is a free card that provides access to the free walking/running track. You can also load it with passes and it gives you access to different parts of the building when registered in our programs.

Do I have to have a Wellness Passport? A Wellness Passport is a free card that is programmed to allow you as a participant into the various areas that you need to access to enjoy your programs and services while at the Centre. Participants and visitors are required to get a FREE Wellness Passport to access the main gate, second gate, and the track. The Passport assists us in knowing how many people are in the building and helps us plan better for our programs and services.

Can I share my swipes between two cards? Multi-passes can be purchased and can be shared with families who live in the same household.

Is there a family package? All of our multi-pass options can be shared with all family members living in the same household.

If I have company from out of town, can I use the swipes on my card to pay for them to visit the facility? Yes, if you are with your guests, you will be able to use the swipes to pay for any of your guests.


Is there public wireless in the building? Yes, the main corridor has public wifi and in most areas of the facility, wireless is available.

Youth Room

What can I do in the Youth room? It’s FREE and open to grades 6-12. Socialize, play video games, pool table, air hockey, ping-pong, board games, or foosball.  Get your free Youth Room card at the Customer Service Desk.