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Environmental Initiatives

Our Green Initiative
When designing the Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre we wanted to design a centre that was progressive, environmentally friendly and would be sustainable for years to come. With these goals in mind, we have incorporated a number of key features that have helped to reduce the Centre’s ecological footprint and produce considerable cost savings, helping to make the Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre one of the most environmentally and efficient buildings in the Belleville area. The following are some of the key environmental features that the newly expanded Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre possesses.

Utilization of Natural Light: The Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre has been designed to maximize the amount of natural light that enters the building. Its open concept and large windows and glass viewing areas allow the sun to naturally light a large portion of the centre throughout the entire day. The largest windowed walls located in both the main concourse and aquatic centre allow for a significant amount of natural light to illuminate the building. Lighting within the building is connected to light sensors, which adjust the artificial lighting in the centre in accordance with the amount of natural light entering the building. This ensures that no more than a sufficient amount of light is created to properly light the building. These features will help to save considerable energy costs over the lifetime of the centre.

Water Conservation: In order to reduce the amount of water used within the Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre, a number of features have been installed. All showers within the change rooms have been equipped with timers to limit the use of water. All urinals, toilets and sinks within the centre have been outfitted with motion sensor technology, so that water is only used when required. These features will help to conserve thousands of litres of water over the course of a year. Two water retention ponds located on site retain all runoff ground water from the Centre and recharge the water table. This process helps to eliminate the water being discharged into the sewer system.

Solar Farm: The Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre roof has been retrofitted with 2,132 photovoltaic panels for the production of solar energy. These panels produce green renewable energy year round, which is diverted directly back into the energy grid helping to reduce our reliance on carbon based fuels. The energy produced by these panels is estimated to generate between $350,000 and $400,000 annually for the City of Belleville.

Lighting and Heat Controls: New Building Management Software (BMS) installed in the Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre provides staff with the ability to control and set heating and lighting requirements within the building from a central location. Lighting and heat will be set to automatically turn on in rooms and areas that are in use and programmed to automatically turn off during the night as well as when rooms are not being utilized during the daytime. Motion sensors have been installed in all change rooms in order to reduce the use of light when these rooms are not occupied.

Recovering Waste Heat (Refrigeration) For Every $1 In Used Energy 98¢ Is Reused: In order to create and maintain three of the Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre’s three ice surfaces a considerable amount of energy must be utilized by the centre’s refrigeration plant. The plant creates a significant amount of waste heat of which 98% is captured and reused to heat the walking/running track, spectator stands, dressing room floors, snow melt pits, outside walkways, water for showers and sinks, and provide air space heating elsewhere throughout the building. This has helped to all but eliminate the use of additional heating within the building throughout the year.

Recovering Waste Heat (Aquatics) For Every $1 In Used Energy 95¢ Is Reused: Considerable energy savings are seen within the aquatic centre, where waste heat is captured through the air exchange system and reclaimed for heating purposes. With an efficiency of 95% this captured heat is reused to heat the aquatic centre’s three pools (main, therapy and preschool).

Utilization of Off-Peak Energy: The Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre takes advantage of thermal storage units to reduce the costs of cooling the centre. Thermal storage units within the centre store renewable energy, in the form of ice, during off-peak hours for use during peak-hours; this reduces the use of peak energy producing significant cost savings. These thermal storage units are utilized to provide air conditioning to various areas throughout the building. The refrigeration plants in the Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre are also programmed to pre-chill the ice surfaces during off-peak hours, reducing energy consumption during the day when demand for energy is at its highest.

Supporting Green and Active Transportation: The Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre supports and encourages the use of green and active transportation to get to and from the centre. The centre is conveniently located on the City of Belleville’s transit route. Additionally, a number of bike parking areas are located at the main entrance of the Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre to encourage the use of active transportation. The centre is also located conveniently across the street from the Riverside Park Trail.

These features have helped to make the Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre one of the most energy efficient and environmentally responsible facilities in the entire Belleville and Quinte Region and a centre that the entire community can enjoy.