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Workout Studio & Personal Training

IMG_1365-1024x682What is the workout studio?

The Workout Studio is one of three fitness studios, along with the yoga and aerobics studios, located within the Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre giving you the opportunity to stay healthy and active year round.  Click here for a copy of the workout studio schedule

Along with top of the line cardio, strength training and plyometric equipment, the workout studio is staffed by qualified and knowledgeable individuals to provide you with any guidance and instruction you may need to exercise safely and effectively.

Personal trainers are also available to provide one-on-one training and semi-private training and develop programs geared towards your individual fitness goals. For those who prefer to exercise in a group setting the Workout Studio offers you a number of classes throughout the week to keep you engaged and active.

Please obtain your FREE Wellness Passport to access the secure doors to our program areas.

Workout studio passes

We offer a GYM/SWIM/SKATE/WORKOUT STUDIO PASS in bundles of 10, 20 and 40.

 10 pack – $25.00  20 pack – $45.00 40 pack – $80.00

Drop In Visit: $3.00 per visit Prices included HST

Please ensure you have your FREE Wellness Passport to access the doors to the program areas.

Workout Studio Rental Fees

The workout studio is available for rent throughout the week (subject to availability) for those looking to have private use of the facility for a period of time.

Contact: 613-966-4632 for information.

Personal Training and/or Private Therapy Sessions

Working with a certified personal trainer has several benefits. Work in the Pool or the Workout Studio for a specially designed workout that fits your needs. A personal trainer will help you set appropriate goals and knows the milestones you should expect on the journey to achieve success. Your personal trainer will help you stay motivated, on track, and will provide you with all the tools you need to meet your goals.

How Much Does A Person Trainer Cost? – Prices are in effect beginning April 1/19 (prices do not include HST)Personal Training

Purchase your ten-pack at the QSWC Customer Service Desk and then pick-up the personal training information package to help you select and contact a personal trainer to schedule your sessions. Prices do not include HST.

Private Personal Training Sessions

One-on-one training sessions will be available at various times in the pool or workout studio.  Work in the Pool or the Workout Studio with a personal trainer for a specially designed workout the fits your needs.

30 Minute Session: $23.50/session OR Purchase 10 sessions for $211.50
45 Minute Session: $33.00/session OR Purchase 10 sessions for $297.00
One-Hour Session: $44.00/session OR Purchase 10 sessions for $396.00

These fees include admission to the Workout Studio for the date and time of your session (s)

Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions:

Enjoy the benefits of a personal trainer at a lower cost. These semi-private sessions can be booked for two or three people, in your group or family.

30 Minute Session: $13.75/person/session OR Purchase 10 sessions for $123.75
45 Minute Session: $19.00/person/session OR Purchase 10 sessions for $171.00
One-Hour Session $25.00/person/session OR Purchase 10 sessions for $225.00

These fees include admission to the Workout Studio for the date and time of your session (s)

Why Choose a Personal Trainer?

Whether you are new to exercise, have a regular workout routine you’ve used for years, or are an elite athlete looking to add an extra edge to your game; choosing the right personal trainer to work with you can make sure you’re getting the most out of your workouts.

The benefits of working with a Personal Trainer

  • Familiarize yourself with the equipment
  • Improve muscle tone
  • Improve stability
  • Provide balanced, effective programming
  • Improve strength and stamina
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Develop core strength
  • Develop a sense of well being
  • Develop a long term exercise/fitness plan
  • Lose or gain weight
  • Sport specific training
  • Motivate and inspire

How To Book Personal Training

Sessions can be scheduled with the trainer by contacting the trainer of your choice directly to book a session at a time that is convenient for your or call our Recreation Staff and we can have one of our trainers contact you.

QSWC Customer Service Staff: 613-966-4632

If you have inquiries or do not hear back from a Personal Trainer in a timely manner,  please contact our Recreation Programmers:

Caitlin Gnidec (Adult/Children) – 613-967-3200 x 3811
Karen Weichenthal (Older Adult/Therapeutic) – 613-967-3200 x 3266

Please note: If you have an injury or medicate condition, you will be required to complete a PARMed-X form.

Personal Training 2
Personal Trainers Available

There are several different trainers available. Each of them is certified and knowledgeable and offers their own set of specialties and interests. Consider booking a consultation with one of our trainers to meet them and allow them to show you what they can offer you!


Amber Duckworth –

» Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma
» CSEP – Certified Personal Trainer
» CFES – National Certified Weight/Group Fitness  Instructor
» YMCA – Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor

Amber loves a healthy lifestyle and provides  motivation through positivity. She is dedicated to help her clients in any way she can.

Jordan Courchesne –

» Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma
» CSEP – Certified Personal Trainer
» Canfitpro – Fitness Instructor Specialist
» TRX – Small Group Training

Improving the structure of the body for everyday life to athletic performance, Jordan enjoys helping   clients function better in their movements through body weight and/or loaded exercises.

Melody Quinn –

» Canfitpro – Personal Trainer Speciality
» WaterArt – Aquafit Instructor

Melody enjoys working with those new or returning to fitness and clients who have concerns about heart, lung, hip, knee, and/or  reduced mobility. Teaching is her passion and Melody teaches a wide variety of Therapeutic Classes. Melody firmly believes “Exercise is  Medicine”.

Conor Forbes –

» Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma
» Canfitpro – Certified Personal Trainer

Conor enjoys training a range of clientele focusing on improving personal fitness through a variety of methods such as weight management, strength training, injury prevention, and athletic performance. Conor’s ability to share his knowledge with other comes easy because he has a passion to maintain and progress within his own personal fitness.

Teri Hebden –

» Registered Kinesiologist
» BA Honours Physical Education/Kinesiology Degree
» Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy/Speech &   Language Therapy Assistant Diploma
» Bonefit Certification
» WaterArt – Senior Land Instructor

Teri is well rounded in all aspects of health and fitness. Teri specializes in post stroke rehabilitation along with changes to the aging body. Want to improve the way you look and feel? Teri will provide you with the right steps to keep you focused, but also provide a fun and encouraging environment!

Megan Conchie –

» Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma
» CSEP – Certified Personal Trainer
» Canfitpro – Fitness Instructor Specialist
» Canfitpro – Nutrition and Weight Loss Specialist

Megan loves hiking and outdoor adventures; she keeps up with the new weight loss and fitness trends and is ready to help you achieve your goals!


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be Successful and reach my goal if I hire a personal trainer?
Prior to your first session, you will need to complete a health pre-screening form and a waiver. If you mark “yes” to the select questions on the PAR-Q+ form, you will also be required to have your Doctor complete a PARmed-x form for you. These forms are available at the QSWC Customer Service Desk. Bring these forms with you to your first session.

What should I do before my first session?
Ultimately, that is up to you. However, a personal trainer will help you set appropriate goals, and knows the milestones you should expect on the journey to achieving those goals. Your personal trainer will help you stay motivated, on track, and provide you with all
the tools you need to reach your goal!

What will happen during my first session?
Your trainer will go through a questionnaire to get to know you better and complete an initial orientation. Your full personalized training will begin at your second session.

What should I bring & wear to my personal training session?
You should come ready to exercise! That means good, comfortable gym shoes (indoor shoes please) and clothing you can move freely and comfortably in. You can bring water in a closed container (no glass bottles please) and most importantly, a can-do attitude!

 We look forward to working with you!


Facility Equipment

Cardio Equipment

The Workout Studio has a variety of cardio equipment for you to choose from. With seven different types of equipment and 18 pieces overall there should be no shortage of options for you to get in a good workout. Three televisions located at the front of the cardio area are there to provide entertainment while you burn those calories.

1. Treadmills – For those looking to run, walk or jog we have four treadmills to meet your needs. With easy to read screens, speed settings from 1-25.5km/h and 25 different preset workouts to choose from you will be able to simulate almost any outdoor running, walking or jogging experience.

2. Recumbent Bikes and 3. Upright Bikes – The Workout Studio has a total of six exercise bikes in two different styles.. Both of these bike types, the upright traditional bike and the recumbent bike, provide a low-impact cardio workout with 25 resistance levels and 12 programs to select.

4. Elliptical Machines – A total of three elliptical machines, with moving handles, are provided for a smooth total body cardio workout. These machines are designed to reduce stress on your joints and allow you to set the stride length and ramp angle to your liking. The elliptical machines include 15 preset programs and 20 resistance programs for a variety of different workouts.

5. AMT 100 – Three Adaptive Motion Trainers (AMT) provide variety and freedom of movement during your workout. AMTs let you adjust your form of cardio exercise from stair climbing to walking to running without having to stop your workout. Stride dial technology allows you to track the muscles that you are engaging throughout your workout, allowing you to target specific groups. Moving arm handles also provide the ability to work your upper body.

6. Jacobs Ladder – If you are looking for an unconventional cardio workout, the Jacobs Ladder will provide just that. Set at a 40° angle the Jacobs Ladder simulates a ladder climbing motion, recruiting both upper and lower body muscles, thus providing a full body workout. This machine has the ability to provide either a low impact aerobic or anaerobic workout.

7. Recumbent Stepper – The recumbent stepper is ideal for therapy and everyday exercise. The machine motion is similar to a traditional stair climber except the individual is in a seated position, which reduces stress on the joints. Large foot pads and dual position handles allow you to switch between upper body and lower body exercises with ease. The seat can be removed to allow for easy wheelchair access.

8. Rowing Machine – The indoor rower is designed to give a total body workout that provides strength training and an elevated heart rate. You can determine the intensity of your workout and gear it towards the goals you want to achieve – weight loss, general health & fitness or cross-training for another sport. The performance monitor enables you to track your progress as well as provide a pre-set workout if desired.

A number of different machine and free weight options are available within the Workout Studio to satisfy your strength training needs. We have eight different machines, each targeting different muscle groups, which come with instructions on how to complete each exercise and the muscle groups they work. We also have two adjustable benches and dumbbells ranging in weight from 2-50lbs.


1. Lat Pulldown/Seated Row – This dual function machine allows you to complete both lat pulldown and seated row exercises providing you with the ability to target different muscle groups in your back on one machine. The machine has an easily adjustable thigh hold down pad, extended seat and foot bar to allow anyone to complete both exercises with comfort and ease. Machine weight starts at 10lbs and can be adjusted in 7.5lb increments up to 220lbs.

2. Leg Extension/Leg Curl – The leg extension/leg curl machine is perfect for working both your hamstring (leg curl) and quadriceps muscles (leg extension) on one machine. The machine has easily adjustable ankle and shin pads as well as easy grip pull pins for a simple transition between exercises. Machine weight starts at 10lbs and can be adjusted in 5lb increments up to 240lbs.

3. Leg Press/Calf Extension – This machine, with an articulating foot pad, is designed to mimic a squatting motion (leg press) while in a seated position or provide full range of motion for calf extension exercises. Machine weight starts at 10lbs and can be adjusted in 7.5lb increments up to 295lbs.

4. Rear Delt/ Pec Fly – The rear delt/pec fly machine affords you the choice of working out your shoulders and upper back (rear delt) or your chest (pec fly). This machine is equipped with pivoting arms to accommodate all arm lengths and can be adjusted to multiple starting positions with the pull of a pin. Machine weight starts at 10lbs and can be adjusted in 5lb increments up to 240lbs.

5. Multi Press – The multi press machine can be adjusted to complete three different exercises: bench press, incline press and shoulder press. Easily adjustable seat and handle positions allow you to find a comfortable position on the machine. Machine weight starts at 10lbs and can be adjusted in 5lb increments up to 240lbs.

6. FTS Glide – The two FTS Glide machines offer resistance training with freedom of motion to increase core strength, balance, stability and coordination. These free moving dual cable machines can be set anywhere from floor level to above head height, allowing for wheelchair accessibility and the accommodation of more than 50 exercises. Each cable is hooked up to a separate weight stack to allow for the use of one or both cables depending on your exercise. A chin-up bar is also attached to the top of the machine to allow various pull-up exercises to be completed. Each weight stack starts at 10lbs and can be adjusted in 5lb increments up to 200lbs.

7. Ab Coaster – For those looking for a different abdominal exercise the Ab Coaster is a good alternative to sit ups and crunches, which put strain on your neck and back. The machine has a padded knee rest and a wide range of motion allowing you to target your lower abs, upper abs and oblique muscles.

Free Weights

The Workout Studio contains a number of free weights for you to do an assortment of exercises targeting the muscles of your choice. The free weight area has a set of dumbbells in 5lb increments from 5-50lbs as well as many smaller weights weighing: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12lbs. Two adjustable benches, with seven positions from 0° to 90°, give you the freedom to do an assortment of seated exercises.

Other Equipment and Accessories

The Workout Studio is also equipped with a number of other pieces of equipment and accessories available for use. These items can be used for an assortment of strength training, stretching, cardio, core or plyometric exercises. Items include:

• Bosu Balls
• Jump Ropes
• Resistance Bands (variety of resistances)
• Foam Rollers
• Covered Tubes (5, 10, 20lbs)
• Medicine Balls (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14lbs)
• Bosu Ballast Trainers
• Knee Up/Dip Stand
• Kettlebells (4, 8,12,16,20 and 24kg)