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Templeman Aquatic Centre

Swimming is a perfect activity for people of all ages and abilities. It’s fun for the whole family to learn to swim or improve their aquatic skills and swimming is also one of the best forms of exercise.

Templeman Menninga Aquatic Centre Panoramic View

Templeman Aquatic Centre: The Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre is home to three pools: the warmer therapeutic pool, an 8 lane, 25 metre long lap pool and a preschool shallow pool all designed to give Belleville somewhere to make a splash! Enjoy the convenience of the adjoining change rooms, meeting areas and overhead viewing.

Recreational Swims: Take advantage of our wonderful new pools and variety of recreational swims for everyone. We have lane swims, therapy swims, family swims and public swims.

Swimming Lessons: You are never too young or too old to learn to swim! We have lessons for babies, children, teens, adults and seniors. The Red Cross swimming programs have something for everyone!

Aqua Fitness: Join us for an in-water exercise program led by our certified water fitness instructors. Classes are for both men and women and you need not be a swimmer. These head-to-toe workouts are great on your joints and provide lots of fun in the pool as well as leave you feeling great!

Advanced Courses: Want to become a lifeguard or instructor? Are you up for a challenge and want to learn new things? Take a look at our advanced courses section for all the details!

Pool Rentals: We have pool rentals available. Call 613-966-4632 for information.


Your Templeman Aquatic Centre (265 Cannifton Road) includes:

Main Pool
25m x 22m (8 lane pool)
1m diving board and wheelchair ramp entry
Depth: 2.13m to 3.6m
Max. capacity: 210 people
Approximate Temperature: 84˚F

Therapy Pool
10m x 12m
2-10m long lanes
10 therapy jets in a seated area
Ramp and stair entry
Depth: 0.914m to 1.35m
Max. capacity: 70 People
Approximate Temperature: 90˚F

Preschool Pool
10m x 5m
Splash Features
Beach entry to 0.8m
Max. capacity: 30 people
Approximate Temperature: 90˚F


The Templeman Aquatic Centre features a therapy pool, a fun preschool pool and a main lap-style pool

Did you know?

  • The main pool is a 25 metre – 8 lane competitive pool kept at approximately  84˚F with a ramp entry and a 1 metre diving board
  • The therapy pool includes 2 – 10 metre lanes, 10 therapy jets in a seated area with ramp and stair entry and is kept at approximately 92˚F to help loosen up joints, etc
  • The preschool pool includes six splash features and a beach entry at zero depth up to 0.75 m and a temperature of approximately 90˚F. This pool is perfect for young children
  • The maximum bather capacity in the Aquatic Centre is 310 people.  All public pools in Ontario are regulated by the Ministry of Health and the City of Belleville is an affiliate agency with both the Red Cross & Lifesaving Society

The Make-A-Splash Campaign surpassed their goal of $100,000 to purchase much needed pool equipment, such as underwater wheelchairs, spinal boards, an underwater teaching table, lifeguard equipment, water toys and electronic timing system.

Download – Templeman Aquatic Centre Schedule


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