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Fees & Wellness Passport

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants and to preserve our facilities for their intended use, all participants 10 years and over who are accessing the Family Dental Centre Indoor Track (must be 10+ for track use) and special program areas, including the Templeman  Aquatic Centre must obtain a FREE Wellness Passport and scan their card at each of the doors during each visit.The wellness passport is a card that provides FREE access to the Family Dental Centre Indoor Track. You will also be able to load your wellness passport with your purchased activities and registered programs (prices vary depending on the activity or program). Clients are required to scan their card each time they visit and to access the secure areas of the building, including the pool, change rooms and fitness areas.

Passports are available FREE OF CHARGE through the customer service desk at the Quinte Sports & Wellness CeMarie scanning card - Wellness Passport Pagentre. • Visit, email or call the Recreation, Culture and Community Services office to get your wellness passport form. • Complete the form, drop into the office with a valid form of picture identification and have your picture taken. • Your Wellness Passport is ready to go! • Participate and enjoy and please scan your card when using the facility!
We Share the Air. Please avoid the use of perfume, cologne, scented hairspray and other scented products.

Download: Wellness Passport Form

Drop-in Fees/ Multi-Packs (as of April 1, 2020)

More options, more choice – All To Serve You Better!

Thank you for your interest in the programs and services available at the Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre.  The Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre hosts a wide range of programs and activities that the community can participate in on a per visit basis. Our focus is to ensure that services and activities are accessible to all income levels and are flexible enough to fit into everyone’s lifestyle and busy schedules. We offer enhanced registered programs and offer many activities on a drop-in basis (pay as you go) or a multi-pass option, which offers cost savings.

The following programs are available on a drop-in basis, through the purchase of passes, and for some programs, through pre-paid, registered recreation programs. Passes can be purchased through the customer service desk at the Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre (prices effective April 1, 2018):

Family Dental Centre Indoor track (Under 10 must be accompanied by an adult). Free of Charge

Recreational Gym/Swim/Skate Pass/Workout Studio Pass (includes public swims, length swims, therapy swims, family swims and seniors swims, drop-in gymnasium programs, public skating, adult skating, family skating, workout studio (13+).

Drop in Visit (incl HST): $3.25 for gym/swim/skate/workout studio Multi-Packs (incl HST): 10 pack – $27.50  20 pack – $50.00 40 pack – $90.00

Shinny Hockey (Senior or Adult or Youth) 
Drop in Visit (incl HST): $5.75  Multi-Packs (incl HST): 10 pack – $55.00

Figure Skating Practice Ice
Drop in Visit (incl HST): $5.75 Multi-Packs (incl HST): 10 pack – $55.00

Aquafitness Pass * (instructional)
Drop in Visit (incl HST): $10.00 per class Multi-Packs (incl HST): 10 pack – $90.00. See customer service desk for Session Pass details

Lunch Time Express – 30 minute adult fitness class occurring between 12:00-1:00 p.m. Monday – Friday (times and programs vary) * (instructional)
Drop in Visit (incl HST): $6.05 Multi-Packs (incl HST): 10 pack – $54.80

Program/Fitness Classes Pass * (instructional)
Drop in Visit (incl HST): $9.00 Multi-Packs (incl HST): 10 pack – $82.00

Specialty/Yoga Classes Pass * (instructional)
Drop in Visit (incl HST): $9.25 Multi-Packs (incl HST): 10 pack – $87.50

Drop-in Programs for Children (instructional)
Drop in Visit (incl HST): $6.50 Multi-Packs (incl HST): 10 pack – $62.50

Older Adult Drop-in Yoga Pass * (instructional)
Drop in Visit (incl HST): $7.50 Multi-Packs (incl HST): 10 pack – $70.50

Older Adult’s Luncheon
$8.50 (incl HST)

Belleville’s 50+ Centre – Annual Membership
$5.00 (incl HST)

Drop-in Fees (incl HST)

There are no refunds provided for any passes purchased, except due to medical reasons. Passes do not expire (except yearly’s 50+ Centre fee).

Drop-in options (to use your pass) are available if space permits. Please call 613-966-4632 to inquire about availability or check for the monthly schedule online at Drop-in schedules are available for: Belleville’s 50+ Centre, Youth Room, Fitness, Swimming, Gymnasium and Skating times.