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50+ Monthly Luncheons

Seniors Luncheon


Older Adults 50+, join us on the last Monday of the month for a delicious catered hot lunch
including coffee, tea and dessert for only $8.50. Every month there is an interesting and
informative guest speaker.

September 24th: Winter Driving –Are You Ready?

Our Canadian winters are beautiful, but they can also be stressful when you have to drive in them. This presentation will help you be prepared for winter driving with tips and advice that will help you stay in control this winter. It will cover topics of interest, such as: vehicle preparation for winter, personal preparation for winter driving, defensive driving, collision avoidance techniques and more.
Presented by: Melanie Trottier – Ministry of Transportation Ontario

October 29th: Witches, Ghosts and Jack-O-Lanterns

Discover the meaning of these Hallowe’en symbols as we discuss Samhain, the New Year Celebration upon which Hallowe’en is based. Learn about the traditions and practices that are the basis of today’s Hallowe’en celebrations. In this talk you will learn new information and perspectives that might just change your understanding of this holiday.
Presented by: Sherri Bergman and Friends

November 26th: The Gift of Travel

Many of us who are travel junkies – those of us who love the feeling of waiting for our flight in an airport and arriving at a new place to explore – often we’re introduced to the love of travelling by our parents or loved one who gave the gift of travel. There are many reasons giving someone the gift of travel is a wonderful thing to do. Plus there is a world full of experiences and places to travel to really make it a unique gift for a loved one and/or yourself! This session provides an overview of some unique travel experiences, along with tips on how to make it affordable, obtain the best value, and be worry free.
Presented by: Brent Taylor & Jeanette Minaker – Marlin Travel

January 28th: 7 Simple Steps to Abundant Happiness

Would you like a life filled with purpose, joy and happiness? Learn how your thoughts create your life, and how to deliberately think the kind of thoughts that will create the life you really want!  Take charge of your health and happiness with this interactive workshop and walk away with tools to help increase your happiness! Alexandria has studied the power of thought for 20 years, and will share her unique system for manifesting what you desire during this talk.
Presented by: Alexandria Barker, Author and Relationship Coach

February 25th: Protect Your Finances

Financial abuse is a growing concern in Canada, in fact, it is the most common form of abuse reported by older adults. This presentation will shed some light on the issue and give you some insight on how to protect your money and property from scammers, family members, caregivers and those holding Power of Attorney. Join us and learn some preventive measures to ensure your financial health.
Presented by: Stephanie Cadieux, Elder Abuse Ontario

March 25th: Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline

As we age, a number of changes happen in both brain and body. Did you know that hearing loss and cognitive decline are linked? More than 70% of people over the age of 70 have some amount of hearing loss, and research is now linking hearing loss with increased rates of cognitive decline. Come and learn how hearing loss impacts the brain, and what you can do to maintain maximum cognitive health and brain function.
Presented by: Maxine Armstrong, Quinte Hearing Centre

Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre, 265 Cannifton Road. Multipurpose Room (2nd floor beside track)
Time: 11:30am-1:30pm Cost: $8.50
Pre-registration is required the week prior to the luncheon to confirm numbers for the caterer. Sorry, no refunds after Thursday at 4:30pm. Please call 613-966-4632 to reserve your seat.

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